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As a good professional photographer it’s my responsibility to capture images that show case your wedding day day. This can include those minor details the bride and groom spent so much money on. It’s the responsibility of the photographer to shoot that.
I interviewed 20 year veteran wedding photographer Mark Sarria
to gain some insight on his shooting style. Mark agrees with my technique of looking out for those small details to capture. In my interview with Mark we concentrate on wedding flower pictures.

Photographing a wedding is very fulfilling and exciting. There are so many details to cover in a wedding and the Bride and Groom worked hard to make the little details count. “As a professional wedding photographer it’s our job to capture and record those details” says Mark from Mark Sarria Photography. Mark is a 15 year veteran of wedding photography.

A shoot list is a useful one to have to be secure and capture the images which will sell, but the little details are what bring character in your slide show and album creation. I see capturing wedding details as b-roll. B-roll is really a film technique which I use in my photography. Capturing B-Roll sets the scene, the mode and the like.

As a good professional photographer you can spend many your shots on the B&G family and friends. One idea for B-roll photography is Flowers. In the wedding you’ll never exhaust shooting flowers. As I scan wedding albums a very important factor I see very few of would be the wedding flower pictures, says Mark.

Mark says, the one of his favorite wedding photography shots are the wedding ceremony working their bouquets for the camera. Most of my techniques in corporate some HDR processing with flowers. Included in my shoot list I note to capture from HDR pictures for the wedding party.

Listed here is a tip for all those new photographers. In relation to flower shots ensure you capture table centerpiece, men boutonniere, brides maids bouquet, the bride bouquet, arrangements around the isle used during the ceremony. If there any flowers throughout the alter where the bride and groom are try to be creative with your photography. This is a tip of the items not to do with flowers. To not take or process flower shots into white and black. The only real exception is if the flower are actually white.

I hope this article serves the purpose of educating. I am just a photographer still learning my skills, says Mark. I learn something totally new about myself and about photography each and every time I shoot. I’d leave with my audience the message of, photography is art just be creative with no fear

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